Time To Show This………

I saw this video last week and knew I would be posting it when the next shooting happened, I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. How much more can we take? How many more children’s lives do we have to lose?


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It’s Time We Know………

Have you seen the movie Hidden Figures?  The first time I saw it was after I marched in the Women’s March in 2017. I walked away from the theater thinking I cannot believe we are just now hearing about these incredible women. It made me angry.  In school we were taught that John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth in 1962 but we were not taught that the only reason he was able to return to Earth was because of an African American woman mathematician named Katherine Johnson. Ms. Johnson recalculated the landing coordinates after the IBM computer miscalculated them  AND THEN when the space capsule had a heat shield problem and was close to imploding her suggestion for the fix proved correct and John Glenn returned to Earth alive and the space shuttle in tact.

I have since watched this movie again several times and every time, I still shake my head in disbelief.  In honor of the MeToo movement, the TimesUp movement, the Women’s March and Black History Month here are a few other incredible women that have made an impact on this world despite facing deep rooted racism, sexism and stereotypes.

Madam CJ Walker(1867-1919)– One of the first American woman to become a self-made millionaire. She invented a line of hair products for African American women in 1905.



Dorothy Vaughan(1910-2008)-An African American mathematician and human computer who worked for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and NASA, at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.



Maggie Lena Walker(1864-1934)-The first black woman to form a bank, and the first woman of any race to be a bank president in the U.S.


Septima Clark(1898-1987)-An educator and an activist who laid important groundwork for voting rights among black citizens, used literacy as her chosen weapon in the fight for civil rights.



Bessie Coleman(1898-1926)-In the face of poverty and discrimination beat all odds and became the first African American female pilot in the United States. Despite issues of racism and sexism, Coleman graduated with an international pilot’s license and went on to become a wildly popular aviatrix drawing thousands of people to her air shows.



There are so many others.  It’s time we know and educate ourselves on the hidden figures that made history but are not in our history books.

Why I Oughta…….!

Ibotta (eye-bought-uh).  Ever heard of it?  It’s an app that saves you a little money.  My friend told me about it a few months ago and just recently I decided to give it a try.  It kinda works like Ebates.  You go on to the app and check the items on their list that you  normally buy.  The items are listed under specific stores; Target, WalMart, Winco, Whole Foods, Cost Plus, Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Dollar Tree, Amazon and tons of others!

What I like about it is it’s super easy.  After going grocery shopping I just go to the app, hit the redeem button and take a picture of the receipt. The app identifies the items from your list that are on the receipt and credits your Ibotta account.  For instance today I bought two 24 oz. yogurts, some cream cheese and some sour cream.  My Ibotta account was credited $3.75.  You can redeem your credit once it hits $20.  I am still new to this but I think  when you redeem you can get cash through Pay Pal or things like gift cards to a movie theater.

The Ibotta app is like using coupons without having to cut, save and organize.  It’s also free!  For me, the app is just kinda a fun thing to do to see how quickly the credit adds up.  I also noticed you will want to check it every week or so because they add different items that you might want to check.

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Check it out!  Just sharing.

It’s Hard Out There for a Mom…….

Bear with me…

Apparently May was my month, both of my children were born in January. Two years and two days apart. This past week they celebrated their birthdays and for me as their mother they were particularly significant.  My older son turned 21 and my younger son turned 19.  For the last couple of weeks as their birthdays approached, I thought a lot about their childhoods, so many times I wish I could turn back the clock temporarily to have them small again. When they are young you look forward to the day when they are more independent, when you don’t have to pay for a babysitter, when you can finally have some peace and quiet for  an hour or two.  But now, now I wish I could go back to those days. To appreciate those days more because before you know it,  your kids are 21 and 19.

So now,  I treasure the time my kids are at home, just hanging out.  I try to plan Sunday dinners and vacations to be able to spend time with them.  Now, if they ask me if I can make them a sandwich, I say for sure!  I still ask them what they want from the grocery store and make sure there is food at the house they like. But the best? The best is when they ASK ME if I want to hang out with them. Yes!!

This kids growing up thing is hard for a mom.  It will never matter how old my kids are, I will always worry, always be too much in their business and will always find reasons for us to spend time together.

beach 0808 004

In 1999 one of my best friends sent me the email below. At the time I was the mother of a 2 1/2 year old and a six month old.   I have kept the email all of these years and at times have given it to new moms.  If you are a mom, bring out the tissue. Copy and paste the link below to a new tab. Just sharing.


Not Your Typical New Year Post

This post isn’t about unsustainable resolutions.  Time to lose weight. Time to exercise. Time to set goals. Nope.  We are smack in the middle of the cold and rainy season so naturally I start fantasizing about warm weather!  It is this time of the year that I start planning for summer vacays!   I have never been a  big traveler but I do enjoy a good road trip, camping,  and beach get-aways. And always with my kids.  Living in the Pacific Northwest we have so many options…..a road trip to California or Canada is just a day’s drive, the Oregon coast is only an hour and twenty minutes away, we have mountains, beautiful lakes and rivers.  Some of our favorite trips have been camping in the Redwoods, road trip to San Francisco and a drive along the Umpqua River to Crater Lake and then to Bend.  A few years ago at the suggestion of a coworker we discovered one of our favorite little vacation spots that I wanted to share.  Of all places it is a little town in northern Idaho called Sandpoint.  It is one of those places that I wish I would have known about when my kids were smaller, because it is the perfect place (I think) to take school age kids.  Below are pictures of Sandpoint, Idaho and the view from the Edgewater Best Western hotel we stay at:


The beach is right outside the hotel which is why I will suggest you book a room on the bottom floor.  The water is clear and surprisingly warm. The beach is staffed with lifeguards, a snack shack,  a park with a playground, tennis court and basketball court.  There are some fun restaurants within walking distance and a great trail that goes along the river between the hotel/beach and downtown.  The Best Western also has great reviews.

The other fun thing about Sandpoint, is about twenty five miles south is a GREAT amusement park called Silverwood.  I describe it as a small Disneyland without the crazy crowds and long lines.  One half of the park is a water park with some awesome water slides and wave pools. The other half of the park are the rides. It has some great roller coasters and rides that you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go on.  See pics below:


We had so much fun!  They also have places to eat everywhere!  Its really clean and not so huge that you get lost, you can easily walk from one end of the park to another. Admission is $45 and if you go after 5:00pm its half price and the park is open until 10:00pm.

About twenty miles south of Silverwood Theme Park is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Lake Coeur d’Alene is in the center of the city and offers a great trail along the lake.  It is gorgeous!  There are huge boulders to jump off of into the water all along the lake. The water is warm and clear also.  The lake and trail are right next to the cute downtown area, so after you walk/hike the trail you can get something to eat in town or browse the stores. See pics below (That’s me sitting on the rock in the pic on top right):


I don’t think we will be going there this summer only because I promised my son he could a plan a road trip for us to Los Angeles, but whenever we talk about Sandpoint we always talk about how much we love it!  I just wanted to share our little vacation spot and would love to hear about yours!