Retirement and Menopause

I can’t wait. Seriously.  The thought of not having to get up and go to work everyday and not having to deal with that monthly visitor that has continued to visit consistently for 30 plus years sounds so freeing! But let me break it down:

Retirement- I really do enjoy my job.  Even with all the crazy things that happen at my work, the sad stories,  the unpleasantries, the things that infuriate me (usually do not involve the clients) I still enjoy being at work.  I love helping people and I am in the unique position of always giving people good news! BUT I also look forward to being able to do whatever I want and there is so much I want to do!  Travel, DIY projects (my Dad gave me a skill saw for Christmas two years ago and want to put it to use!), volunteer for organizations that do the work that I am passionate about, spend as much time as possible with my kids (which is one of my favorite things to do), the list goes on. And every weekend when  I have been up for a couple of hours and I am still in bed drinking my coffee, with my hot bf next to me watching Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, I say out loud, “I can’t wait to retire!” because I want to do this everyday!

Menopause- I don’t know why people are surprised when I say I can’t wait until menopause.  My response is always, “Why wouldn’t you look forward to menopause?”  They always refer to the hot flashes.  I welcome hot flashes!  Here is the deal: as of today its been seven months since I have had a visitor!  I have had the hot flashes but as a person that is cold most of the time I seriously don’t mind them.  I am just crossing my fingers that I can last another five months and then according to WebMD I should be free and clear.  Please cross your fingers for me.  But I will also confess that I have spent the last five to seven years struggling with other pre-menopausal symptoms.  Let me share:

  1. Crazy, inconsistent, HEAVY periods-  First it started out as super heavy. I was in my early forties and out of nowhere my periods became like the Red Sea. Ridiculous.  Sorry, TMI. I could share more but I won’t.  I got this taken care of by getting an ablation.  Google it.  It made a huge difference!!!!!!
  2. Sleep or lack of- So frustrating.  I still deal with this.  Again started happening in early to mid forties.  No problems falling asleep but I wake up around the same time between 3am and 4am on most nights.  I hope to get back to sleep but sometimes I don’t and it really sucks when you are just starting to fall back to sleep and your alarm goes off to get up to get ready for work (if I were retired I wouldn’t have to worry about the alarm).  But thankfully a majority of the time I fall asleep after an hour of reading my current book by the light of my cell phone.  The good news is that recently I have been turned on to magnesium.  On a recent road trip with one of my dearest friends, she gave me a magnesium supplement, she said it helps with sleep and digestion (sorry, but I will briefly mention digestion issues in #3).  The night before I had been awake since about 2:30am,  ugh.  It worked great.  I had a great night of very restful sleep (and it helped with the digestion issue too). So you may be thinking, of course she got a great night sleep because she was exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before.  Well I am here to say, I WISH it worked that way for me.
  3. Digestion or lack of- I don’t know if this ties into pre-menopausal stuff or just getting old but I am going to talk about it anyway.  Around the same time my period was crazy and my sleepless nights became more of a norm my digestion went crazy right along with it.  To make a long story short, it was a lot of continually uncomfortable bloating every day for at least two years. I saw doctors, I had tests done but it wasn’t until one Sunday morning in my continued search to find something new that would be the cure to my stomach issue I stumbled upon the FODMAP  diet and it cured my issue I would say by about 85%.  Google it.  More detail about FODMAP in another blog.
  4. Weight gain- This does suck.  I swear I am not eating any more then I used to or exercising any less but my jeans keep getting tighter and tighter.  I have heard though that after menopause you eventually lose that menopausal weight so I continue to go to pilates and walk as much as possible and hope that I do lose this poundage I have acquired.


So I may have many more years to go before I can drink coffee in bed EVERYDAY until 9:30am with my hot bf watching Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer but I can say with certainty that I am on my way (remember cross your fingers) to having no more visitors!!  I can’t wait!!!




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