And the Elephants Trumpeted……

Trump. Grrrr… Last week Trump announced that the United States would be lifting the ban on the import of elephant hunting trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Currently African elephants are being killed by poachers at the rate of 100 a day. Crazy. That’s one elephant killed every fifteen minutes.  Several days later, typical Trump style he tweeted out that he would delay the ban until he reviewed all the facts with the Interior Department Secretary.  Unbelievably there are still people out there that want to hunt and kill these amazing and magnificent animals.  Their justification?  The money people pay to hunt elephants goes to conservation efforts, ….”The fact of the matter is, most of these hunting corporations or outfitters that do the safaris, are not even making it into the country where the animals exist. About two percent is actually making it to the local communities,” Roberts says (Adam Roberts, The Elephant Project). Cross your fingers that Trump makes the right decision and keeps the ban in place, so that the incredible elephants can roam and live in their native land without the fear of being hunted.

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Fun and interesting facts about elephants:

  • They love water
  • Average life span is 50 to 70 years old
  • They mourn the death of family members and other elephants.
  • They snore
  • They are capable of human-like emotions such as loss, grieving, crying, empathy, joy
  • They are not afraid of mice but are afraid of ants and bees
  • Female elephants stay with each other as a herd for a lifetime
  • They can recognize themselves in the mirror
  • Once a mother always a mother no matter the age of their offspring

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Elephant sanctuaries in the United States:




I highly recommend this wonderful documentary about Echo the elephant and her family. Amazing. Touching. Informative-





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