Why I Oughta…….!

Ibotta (eye-bought-uh).  Ever heard of it?  It’s an app that saves you a little money.  My friend told me about it a few months ago and just recently I decided to give it a try.  It kinda works like Ebates.  You go on to the app and check the items on their list that you  normally buy.  The items are listed under specific stores; Target, WalMart, Winco, Whole Foods, Cost Plus, Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Dollar Tree, Amazon and tons of others!

What I like about it is it’s super easy.  After going grocery shopping I just go to the app, hit the redeem button and take a picture of the receipt. The app identifies the items from your list that are on the receipt and credits your Ibotta account.  For instance today I bought two 24 oz. yogurts, some cream cheese and some sour cream.  My Ibotta account was credited $3.75.  You can redeem your credit once it hits $20.  I am still new to this but I think  when you redeem you can get cash through Pay Pal or things like gift cards to a movie theater.

The Ibotta app is like using coupons without having to cut, save and organize.  It’s also free!  For me, the app is just kinda a fun thing to do to see how quickly the credit adds up.  I also noticed you will want to check it every week or so because they add different items that you might want to check.

Image result

Check it out!  Just sharing.

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