Money Comes To Me and Through Me

Ok. So, it’s been awhile since I have written anything for my blog. For some reason nothing was inspiring me and it was a little frustrating. But here I am back at it and it feels good.

I am not a mystical or mythical person or someone that reads the stars (although horoscopes are fun) but several years ago a woman I worked with told me about visualizing for what you want.  Her example was with bringing in money!!  As a single mom with a mortgage and two sons that were eating me out of house of home, I liked the sound of that.  She said  several times a day or whenever you can remember visualize money coming down on you and say, “Money comes to me and through me.”  Why through me you might ask? Because if it doesn’t go through you then it is going to get stuck, clogged up and you won’t be able to accept anymore.  Interesting.  So  I taped to my bathroom mirror how much money I wanted to bring in that year and of course literally visualized and said to myself, “Money comes to me and through me.”  I did this at night before I went to sleep and during the day whenever I remembered.  It was crazy.  That year I exceeded the number I had on my bathroom mirror.  Money came in for a variety of reasons;  I received more back in taxes then I expected, I ended up working in a classification one step higher so earned just a slightly higher hourly wage, I think that was the year that we received money from the lawsuit with my neighbor’s insurance company and to be honest I can’t even remember  all of the other little things that came my way.  What I do remember was how surprised I was that I exceeded my goal.

Then for some reason after that year I stopped visualizing.  Not sure why.  So now its several years later and it is my goal again to bring in more money.  I started visualizing money coming down on my head and again, stating, “Money comes to me and through me,” but for some reason this time the visualization part of it wasn’t sticking.  What I mean is, something wasn’t right, I would get so easily distracted and would lose the visualization before I finished the sentence. So I changed up my visual, now I visualize myself laying down and dollar bills sprinkling down on me.  Kinda corny but it is what works for me.

And again, it has not failed me.  It’s the small things; I received a refund from Amazon I wasn’t expecting, sold things on OfferUp that I wasn’t able to sell before,  a retro check from work for the COLA increase, my boss was able to get my employer to reimburse me for the classes I am taking at the community college and I received a somewhat I higher tax refund this year then last year. These are just to name a few.  Again, you have to take it where you can get it and accept it as it comes.

Bottom line: Put out there what you want, visualize having it and it will come if you are open to it.


Side Note: I also did this with my significant other. Before we started dating, I saw him at work and referred to him (unbeknownst to him) as, “My boyfriend that doesn’t know he is my boyfriend yet.”  And guess what, we are now going on eight years and he is the best!heart-ngsversion-1396531395268

Second Side Note: As I finished writing this post I just sold another item off of OfferUP.emoticons-01-512



One thought on “Money Comes To Me and Through Me

  1. That’s so interesting to say the least. I myself am not a believer and can be really skeptic but I am gonna try this ❤ Hopefully it works, if nothing it will at least keep my focus fixed on my goal ❤ Thank you again for sharing this ❤

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