Mindful Living …

I read this post from Our Beautiful Chaos and wanted to continue to share this wonderful message.

our beautiful chaos

If you knew you had days to live, would you have regrets? Would the memories of the life that flashes before you include only the big events? Or would the little things end up being the most important?
Personally, I know when I think about my happiest moments and memories they include the normal days, watching my boys play, having some time with my husband, family days with the people I love most … I have experienced massive highs and heart-breaking lows in my life, but when I think of being truly happy it’s the days in between that I remember.
We are all guilty of not living in the moment, I know I certainly am. Living for the weekend, living for holidays … thinking life will begin when you have lost a few stone, when you’ve grown your hair, when you move house, when you make more money ……

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