Sex Trafficking:

Sex trafficking.  It’s sad. It’s ugly. It’s real and it’s closer to you then you may realize.  For so long this horrific exploitation of children and women has been swept under the rug in an attempt to be ignored and forgotten.  We as a society tend to think that it only affects marginalized populations AND there is definitely the stereotype of the trafficker or pimp as a young black man driving around in a fancy car.  It’s true, children with a history of sexual abuse, physical abuse, involved with the child welfare system are more susceptible but the reality is children from all walks of life are vulnerable to sex trafficking.  It should also be known that traffickers are not just young black men portrayed in the media, but traffickers also come from every ethnic background.

Sex trafficking is a complex issue.  How does a child or young person get pulled into sex trafficking? How do you know if a child is being trafficked? What are the signs? Several years ago I wrote a resource guide to answer these questions. The guide is specific to Portland, Oregon ( for years known as the “hub” for trafficking on the west coast) but the information pertains to everyone.  There are pictures of tattoos that indicate trafficking both on victims and pimps.  There is also a letter from a victim to a pimp describing how she got involved in trafficking and basically asking the pimp if she can work for him.  Educate yourself and others, we need to be aware of the issue in order to eradicate it.

Please click on the link below to view the guide.

The CSEC Reference Guide-Mult (1)

Bryant, Erica 011812 001    Bryant, Erica 011812 002

Arnett,Luther 122712 001

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