Some of my favorite hairstyles…….

I am currently growing my hair out so I have been looking at a lot of hair styles lately. For the longest time I wore my hair just past my shoulders and straightened it.  Then about three or four years ago I felt like I was getting too old for that style so decided to go a little bit shorter and went a la natural.  Now once again it is time for a change and I decided to go longer and straight again. This is the hairstyle that inspired me, so cute isn’t it?

Shoulder Length                                                                                                                                                      More

I am getting close but still have to grow out some of my layers and I will admit styling my bangs has always been a challenge, a cowlick always splits them in two sections.  Below are also some of my favorite hairstyles I have saved over the last few years.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle: Summer Haircuts for Women Over 30- 40

So cute, right?  This is Jennifer Nettles from the duo Sugarland. Check out her video Stay, it is a tear jerker.

A little bit of a sexy look, don’t think I can pull it off but love it!


I would never grow my hair out this long but I think it is such a cute hairstyle and I love her bangs.


Love her red hair.  I think this is how my bangs would work the best.

the cut!

And last but not least……….

So those are my faves. Would love to know what you think and would be interested to see pics of your favorite do’s (that’s short for hairdo’s).


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