A Text With My Mom

I was feeling particularly blah this day. On my way home from work while on the bus the following texts ensued:

Me: Mom-my menopausal weight gain is driving me crazy! I hate it!

I think I have gained weight since the party!

Mom: Is it around your middle?

Me: Yes!

I can’t stand it.

Granted I have been drinking more then usual this summer (which still isn’t a lot                because I have a low tolerance) but still I don’t think I eat unhealthy.

Chips and crackers are my weaknesses.

Mom: There is nothing you can do about it except starve. Your body will change when                  menopausal event is over.

Me: Will it change back?

Mom: As long as you eat healthy and exercise and I know its hard. You never again have a skinny waist but you are a curvy girl. I think you look great( side note-God love our moms!). Just don’t develop the sagging stomach down to my knees like I have (another side note-it isnot down to her knees-just a little exaggeration, lol).

These last few weeks I have definitely noticed the weight gain and it has not been fun. My clothes don’t fit the same so I am always a little uncomfortable (especially at work) and the clothes that I have that would cover up my mid-section are limited, so finding something to wear to work in the morning has been a struggle! Ugh.

I guess I will continue being active and try to cut back on carbs a little (less crackers and chips).  I always appreciate this kind of advice from my mom and she has two more daughters that will seek her menopause advice eventually. Thanks Mom!!!!

(That’s me in the black dress, my mom and my sisters)


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