A Little Inspiration…….

#IAmAllWoman is the body positive campaign we've been waiting for, and we're here for it

In February I am going on a trip with a friend to Puerto Vallarta, so naturally I am thinking about what I am going to be wearing as I am lounging poolside with a drink in hand. This thought then leads to the dreaded task of finding a suit that hides the ¨flaws¨ and flaunts the good parts. My body has changed quite a bit in the last five years due to the crazy hormonal changes of menopause! I have cellulite in places I never had before, instead of a muffin top I have a big pound cake around my middle and even my hands and fingers are fatter (so weird). Most days I have to remind myself it’s all good, it could be worse and I am blessed to have the life that I have (as I think globally).

Anyway, back to this swimsuit thing…. I saw this picture of these women of different sizes and was reminded and inspired that no matter what swimsuit I end up buying there are no ¨flaws to hide¨ because cellulite is not a flaw it is a normal and natural part of our bodies (even thin women have cellulite). So I am going to focus on a suit that flaunts the good stuff and choose to own everything else. And enjoy that drink by the pool 🙂

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