It was the best and it all happened unexpectantly……..

Last fall when the days became gloomy, grey, cold and raining in the Pacific Northwest I was at work procrastinating on actually doing work when I walked into my coworkerś office. She was feeling frustrated and exhausted with the politics of work and just needed a break. With an empathetic ear I listened to her vent (her frustration was so understandable) and then suggested that WE should go on a vacation! Wouldn´t that be fun??!! Kerrie and I had bonded a couple years prior over our love of our dogs and I had taken care of her three month old puppies while she was out of town at a family memberś wedding, but aside from that we had never spent that much time together. I kid you not, a few SECONDS after I proclaimed that we needed a vacation our co-worker Linda walked in and said she could get us a great deal at an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta . Oh my gosh, were we really going to do this? YES!!!!!

We got a smokin’ deal on seven nights at an all inclusive resort for the end of February and with Kerrieś companion deal with Alaska airlines we made out like bandits!

Last year I had posted a blog about finding a bathing suit for the trip I eventually found one that seemed to do exactly what I was wanting-enhance the good stuff, cover the not so good stuff and be happy with the results. The other thing I had to prepare for was how to deal with my fear of flying! Ugh. Turbulence is not my friend. It makes me cry. So I asked my doctor to prescribe me something to help me relax and reduce my anxiety.

Finally February 27th arrived and it was time to go on our spontaneoulsy planned vacation. We boarded the plane, I took my prescribed med and attempted to distract my nervousness with watching a movie, chatting with Kerrie and every 15 minutes checking the map to see how much more we had to travel. We finally arrived in Puerto Vallarta around 1pm and found our driver to take us to the hotel.

We stayed at the all inclusive Amber Now resort and it was gorgeous! Below is the view when we first walked in.

I will say the one thing that I did struggle with was that it was on the 15th floor and for someone that is afraid of heights (and flying) it was a little too high, and I admit I might have been a little dramatic about it, but 15 floors is high!

A little video of walking along the open hallway of the hotel on the 15th floor

Kerrie and I had no agenda. We spent most of our days laying by the pool drinking margaritas. We took full advantage of the bar and the food served at the pool. If we were up to it in the evening we ate at one of the five restaurants at the resort (all super good!) and I am not afraid to admit that we also indulged in room service, I mean after all, sitting by the pool all day is exhausting and we just didn´t have the energy to shower and dress for dinner.

We were able to pull ourselves away from the pool for two excursions and it was so well worth it. For the first one, we took a taxi to the ¨flea market” which is essentially all the shops where you can barter for whatever you want. There were SO many little shops to buy from, it just went on and on and on.

The next day we had such a fun time on a day trip to Las Caletas. It was an hour ride on a catamaran where they sold food and drinks, had entertainment and signed people up for the different activities. Kerrie really wanted to swim with a sting ray and a seal. I agreed to do it as well but it was not my favorite thing, to say the least. You may notice in the video I am staying close to Kerrie and keeping an eye on the damn sting ray that was swimming right up near us. After that little event we hung out on the hammocks that were literally on the beach! With a bar right there! They then fed us a delicious lunch and and we walked along the paths with all of its beautiful sights. On the way back to Puerto Vallarta all of the staff were so entertaining (and good looking), the music was loud and they were dancing and being goofy. What a fun day! Below are some pics and a video of the sting ray and seal experience.


This trip was like no other trip I had ever been on before. All inclusive is the way to go! Sometimes it was hard to wrap your head around that the delicious meal you just ate or the room service we just ordered did not cost us any money, just a few dollars for a tip. We met some great people, ate great food, drank many margaritas, relaxed, had no agenda, enjoyed the sights, saw whales not too far out in the ocean, did some gambling at the casino on sight and had two AWESOME and cheap massages right on the beach!!

I cannot wait to go back and I am so grateful for my traveling companion Kerrie and my friend and co-worker Linda for playing our travel agent and setting us up at Amber Now. If you ever get the opportunity to treat yourself, I highly recommend this trip.

Until next time here are a few more photos to enjoy…………

Just Sharing………

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