A True DIY Project…….kinda

As the warm weather approaches each year my mind starts swirling with summer projects to improve the backyard. This year was no exception. I always envision my backyard as a fun place to hang out with a comfortable place to relax, swim, play games and BBQ so each year I scour through Pinterest for different ideas and inspiration, but this summer one DIY project was unexpected!

The patio been has been a work in progress. It started out a few years ago putting 4×4 posts along the edge of the patio to hang shade sales, curtains and outdoor lights, and soon after came the furniture and potted flowers and candles.

There has always been one area that I struggled with because it was real eyesore. It was the ugly hose that hung under the kitchen window.

I attempted to hide it behind an old table covered by a tablecloth. It did the trick but really wasn’t what I envisioned during those spring months. What I really wanted was a cabinet with doors in the front and open in the back so I can put it up against the house to cover the hose but still give have access to it.

For the past few years on Father’s Day my sister and I go to my parents for the afternoon, she cleans and vacuums out our Dad’s truck and I work on getting their pool ready for the summer. This year as we were working on our daughterly chores I mentioned to my Dad what I was looking for a cabinet to hide the hose under the kitchen window. If you know my Dad, you won’t be surprised to know that within a couple of weeks he drew up plans for the cabinet, had written down very specific instructions for me on how to build it AND had almost all the wood pre-cut and ready to go. Originally the plan was I was going to build it myself, now that I had the instructions and all the wood necessary but a couple days later my Dad suggested we build it together. Perfect! I know there was no way I would have been able to understand and follow the instructions, no matter how detailed they were.

One very warm afternoon, my Dad came over, we got set up in the garage and got started. So when I say DIY project….kinda, what I really mean is my Dad did all the thinking, the measuring, made necessary adjustments and then I just cut where I was told to cut, sanded where I was told to sand and drilled where I was told to drill.

Of course any project always seems to take longer then expected but even with my Dad’s attention to detail or in other words perfectionism, in a few short hours we had the structure of it put together.

Woo hoo!

The doors to the cabinet took a little bit longer because we had to make sure they were spaced just right to close properly. In order for this to happen there are extra pieces of board to cut that are placed next to the door for the hinges, etc. Any hoo…..we got that done and voila the cabinet of my spring time dreams was complete!!

or I thought so…………..

Back to my Dad having an attention to detail, in his mind the cabinet was not yet complete. So a few days later we had to add trim to the front and the sides and add the levelers to the bottom to lift it off the ground.

My original plan was to stain it a dark brown to match the patio furniture. I am not sure what it was but the stain did not work. It came out with dark patches from the different grains of the wood soaking up the stain differently. (I wish I had a picture to show you but I couldn’t find it). In the end, I painted it a dark brown instead and added pretty handles.

I am assuming at this point of this post you are wanting to see the final result? Well I have something better…..as with all good projects it’s important to do an infomercial……….

I love my cabinet and I loved the time I spent with my Dad making it.

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