No Need to Apologize Ladies

Have you ever you ever noticed people that apologize for everything? Or have you caught yourself apologizing for things that probably really don’t need an apology?  I can say for certain that I definitely notice women doing this more often then men.  As I find myself inspired lately to post about women and the issues that effect us I recalled this video I saw several years ago.  It’s quite the eye opener. Just sharing.





Did you know April is Sexual Assault Awareness month? As someone that is an advocate for women and the issues that affect our lives, this is my way to bring attention to the offense of sexual assault.  Most likely you or someone you know has experienced some form of a sexual offense whether it’s sexual harassment or god forbid sexual assault.  Please remember:

Believe her

Don’t blame her

It doesn’t matter what she was wearing



Spread the word.





My 2 cents on the Whole30

The Whole 30 diet. Have you heard of it? It is very similar to the Paleo diet, it is basically eating very “clean” for 30 days.  As I have shared in a previous post (FODMAP…….What? ) I have been dealing with digestive issues for the past seven or so years.  Up until about five months ago I was following the FODMAP diet and then for some reason it stopped helping my digestive woes (not sure why). Then for a few weeks I was drinking apple cider vinegar several times a day (more on that later) which helped for a couple of weeks and then it stopped working for me also. Ugh. Sooooo, it was time to try something completely different.  In preparation for her wedding a few weeks ago my coworker and her fiance did the Whole 30 diet to lose weight, and that they did, but for me it was the continued quest to figure out my digestion troubles.

Instead of listing the foods you can’t eat it with Whole 30 it is much easier to list the foods you can eat, so here they are: eggs, potatoes, poultry, meat (not cured though like bacon or sausage most have sugar in them believe it or not), coffee, nuts but no peanuts, vegetables and limited amount of fruit. It’s pretty limited although for people that are creative in the kitchen there are lots of Whole30 recipes out there.  Below is what I usually had:

Typical wakeup beverage: coffee with almond milk. Enjoyed this the least and couldn’t wait to have a good cup of coffee with creamer when I was done with this darn thing.

Typical breakfast: a scoop or two of almond butter with blueberries and some cashews with coconut sprinkled on top.  This surprisingly sustained me for quite awhile during the day.

Typical lunch: Poultry or meat (my hot boyfriend would cook a meat/poultry in the crock pot on Sunday’s for me to have for lunch for the week), with avocado or potato wedges.

Typical dinner: Same as lunch and/or a salad.

Results????………………my stomach felt so much better!  I didn’t lose weight like a lot people do but my stomach was flatter because I wasn’t bloated or uncomfortable!

Here are my takeaways after completing the diet for 30 days-

  1.  Ranch dressing.  On Pinterest I found a Whole30 approved Ranch dressing that I love!  I am now going to make it all the time, it tastes good and doesn’t hurt my stomach.


2. I finally came to the conclusion that I have a form of IBS.  The C kind to be exact. (Here is a website that explains the different types- So while I was in the throes of the Whole30, I started using Heather’s Tummy Fiber.  You have to start out on a small dosage and slowly work your way up until you find the dosage that works for you.  It’s also been helpful. Very reasonably priced on Amazon.


Image result for Heathers tummy fiber

3. Now that I have done the Whole30 for thirty days I am determined to figure out the true culprits to my digestion issues. So far I think dairy might be one issue. Even though Coffee Mate creamer says it’s gluten free and lactose free, my first day off Whole30 and in my excitement to have a yummy cup of coffee I used creamer and low and behold the gas and bloating kicked in. Ugh.

4. If my digestion issues flare up again, I will definitely do the Whole30 again.

Many people do Whole30 to lose weight, for some a sort of cleanse or a “reset,” whatever your reason might be, it’s worth a try.

Good luck!

Another week in the life……..

  • A young woman, seven months pregnant and has yet to see a doctor.  She notices my screen saver, “Girls are not for sale, ” and says “they need to stop advertising girls then.”  When I asked her if she was in “the life” she said she was briefly at the age of 17, her pimp was 40. He would have men come down to the basement………. that’s all she wanted to say.  After we got her set up with Medicaid, she asked me if we have DV (domestic violence) advocates. She said she needed a safe place to stay for her and her daughter. Tears came to her eyes.  I quickly made a referral to the county DV advocate program and gave her the phone number to the DV crisis line.
  • A 27 year old man recently released from prison.  Because he was on disability and Medicare before he went to prison he has to go through all the red tape to get it turned back on.  Its lengthy and it confusing. We are on a time line because he has mental health meds to refill and he only has a couple days left of the 30 day supply he received from the prison.  My colleague and I take him to the local Aging, Disability and Veterans Services office and sit with him for an hour as we wait for the worker to get the paperwork started for his medical benefits.  I am glad we went with him, he is impatient, short-fused, somewhat delusional and every other word is fuck.
  • A 75 year grandmother who’s granddaughter died of the flu in December.  Her husband has dementia and she takes care of him full time while her 50 year old recently released from prison son lives with her.  If this isn’t enough she is now taking on guardianship of her great grandchildren 11 and 12.  The strength of this woman who is barely five feet tall and maybe 110 pounds is amazing.
  • She just got a temp job but unfortunately because she makes over the income eligibility limit for Medicaid ($1396 a month before taxes) she loses it at the end of the month.  Meanwhile, she is having medical issues and finds out she needs surgery the following month with a two to six week recovery time. She has to have it but who it going to pay for it? She won’t have insurance next month.

This is a small sample of the clients I worked with within one week.  They are are on parole or probation (except the grandmother, it was her granddaughter that passed that was on probation).  You might have your own idea of what a parolee looks like. Some have done some really horrible things but the reality is the majority are victims of their trauma-filled childhoods.  I have been working in this field a long time, it can be sad and emotionally draining.  But I am lucky, I get to help them with the good stuff and see successes, here’s what I know:

  • I saw her the other day and she told me she has a doctor’s appointment for next week.
  • We were able to get him another 30 day supply of his mental health meds. He went to his appointment with Social Security to get his benefits going again.
  • Her great grandchildren are doing well and have full medical coverage.
  • We got Medicaid to cover for another month so she can have her surgery.

And this why I am still at it

Bangin’ Curves

Just had to reblog this one! Love the message, love yourself!

Whisper and the Roar


Made up my mind to fall head over heels

in love with me

cos why not perceive what my man sees when I’m in

boy shorts, and my

ample ass cheeks peek out at the bottom?

Why not embrace the strength of my thick thighs?

And rather than disguise the size of my mature breasts,

why not get high by the sight of my

bangin’ curves?

Why not give my body the respect it


Made up my mind to fall head over heels

in love with me

(image of Hilda: Bored Panda)

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