Recommended Books

A young girl gets sent to a leper colony. This is a story of her journey. Really good!

These books are so good! Women empowerment, a little bit of naughtiness and the love of a mother
Based on a true story. Heart wrenching at times. Amazing.
Loved this book. Women empowerment. Based on true events.
Oh my goodness. Don´t underestimate the power of the human spirit.
A powerful story about the strength of women. I have read it twice!
A crazy concept that is based on facts but the story takes it further. I am thinking about reading this one again. Really good!
Powerful. Hear wrenching. I don´t often read books written by male writers but I really like Wally Lamb.
Another really good book written by Wally Lamb. It is surprising to me that it is written by a man (just being honest).
This book makes me want to take a trip to Alaska. The power of love and the power of loving one that hurts.
This book is not what you would expect based on the title, so good though I had to add it to one of my favorites!